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Machines Like Me pushes your business into its next phase by harnessing the transformative power of automation.

What are we doing?

Our mission is to revolutionize your business through automation. By harnessing the power of automation, we unlock your untapped potential and provide you with a sustainable tool for growth. We strongly believe that through the development and implementation of advanced automation technology, we drive the world towards progress. Our AI-driven machines and expert consulting services liberate employees from mundane administrative tasks, eliminating inefficiencies and enhancing efficiency, speed, and the overall quality of your outcomes. This enables your employees to focus on what they do best – accomplishing tasks only a human can do.

Who are we?
Meet the humans

behind the machines.

Christopher Menzel

Passionate entrepreneur harnessing AI to unlock business potential, transforming emerging markets with automation.

Andreas Jung
Head of Sales, Germany

A highly experienced entrepreneur with a strong belief in the economic benefits of process automation.

Jeff Fiedler
Head of Sales, California

Enabling digital transformation for companies over the past 30 years.

Bettina Beyerle
Customer Operations

Driving digitalization in business for over two decades.

Caroline Ortmark
Head of Sales, Scandinavia

An ardent entrepreneur with an unwavering mission to spearhead the wave of automation in Scandinavia.

Oswald Schröder
Head of Sales, Luxemburg

Multilingual specialist in MarCom and technical innovation with many years of experience across Europe including BeNeLux.

Tobias Schmidt
Head of Technology

Entrepreneur digitalizing businesses for over two decades.

Our Story

Machines like me embarked on its journey in 2023. Only one day after our launch, we were already celebrating our first client, bringing about a major shift in their business operations through automation. This success marked the inception of our expansive journey, and we soon established offices across Europe and both North and South America. At the outset of our client conversations, there’s usually skepticism about the capabilities of AI-powered automation. However, once a company experiences the transformative potential of our initial implementations, they are not only convinced but also excited for more. This excitement fuels our continuous growth as we persistently expand our capabilities and reach an increasingly broader clientele.

Work with us.
Four reasons to enlist the help of our machines.

Top-tier consultants
Our consulting services combine comprehensive technical expertise, a deep understanding of business processes and exceptional problem-solving abilities for innovative solutions.
International reach
With offices located over three continents we provide localized support, cultural understanding, real-time service, and swift problem-solving to clients worldwide.
Affordable automation
Leveraging our competitive pricing structure, we can construct cost-effective RPA automation and generate ROI.
Extensive experience
With over twenty years of experience in digital transformation our team is uniquely equipped to guide your company through your transition toward automation