By industry

Unleashed productivity

RPA manages many processes associated with account management such as sending emails regarding customer documents, updating account data or account closures.

Fraud detection

RPA monitors customer transactions carefully. It detects anomalies easily, flags them as potentially fraudulent, and alerts human employees.

Loan processing

RPA automates many administrative processes, including underwriting and validation, and it enters data into the corresponding systems for further analysis.

Customer Service

RPA-Chatbots handle low-priority customer queries such as checking account balances, mortgage application status, or initiating urgent account blockage.


RPA is able to gather data from an abundance of sources, an example being the ability to gather data from government websites and input it into a bank’s internal system while following guidelines.

Customer Onboarding

Automation software helps gather and verify personal or financial data, and also establishes data archiving and process monitoring.