By industry

Customer feedback analysis

Our RPA bots sift through your customer feedback to identify key themes and sentiments, categorize feedback and provide a preliminary analysis.

Incoming emails automation

Intelligent automation scans and classifies incoming emails based on their subject lines and content and routes these emails to the appropriate departments.

Customer account management

Our machines maintain and update your customer accounts by automatically processing account modifications, tracking account activities and synchronizing data across different platforms.

Retrieve customer orders

RPA swiftly fetches detailed customer order data by navigating through your order management systems, cross-referencing multiple databases if necessary, to provide comprehensive information in a matter of seconds.

Customer refunds

Our automation software handles your customer refund requests, first by validating purchase details against transaction records, then calculating the refund amount and finally initiating the refund in your payment system.

Peak loads management

Smart RPA robots automatically respond to peak customer service demands, efficiently scale your operations, schedule tasks, and redistribute workload to always ensure a steady flow of operations.