By industry

Payroll administration

Smart automation streamlines your entire payroll administration by managing tasks such as data collection, pay calculation based on logged hours, and initiating payments, leading to a more efficient process.

Grants management

With a focus on accuracy, our machines aid in the collection of grant applications, validation of eligibility criteria, and facilitation of the disbursement process, thereby ensuring precise and efficient execution.

Compliance validation

Smart Robotic Process Automation facilitates automated compliance validation. It autonomously verifies data in line with established regulations, generates comprehensive reports, and flags any inconsistencies for subsequent scrutiny.

Data migration

Our machines facilitate data migration by extracting information from legacy systems, adapting it to comply with the new system’s requirements, and then loading it into the new databases.

Contact center

Robotic Process Automation is instrumental in managing calls in public sector contact centers, efficiently directing inquiries to the appropriate departments and automating responses to frequently asked questions.

Form processing

Our automation software proficiently reads and interprets data from forms, accurately extracting and organizing essential information. This data is then input into relevant systems for further processing or analysis.