By industry

Employee scheduling

Our smart automation software inputs shifts, manages change requests, monitors staff availability, and adjusts schedules according to your operational needs.

Sales Analytics

Robotic Process Automation aids your sales analytics by collecting sales data, processing it, and providing insights on sales trends, customer behavior, and product performance.

Customer Support

AI-powered automation facilitates your customer support by managing inquiries, providing automated responses to common questions, and routing complex issues to the appropriate teams.

Customer Master Data Management

Our AI-powered RPA bots are experts in consolidating customer data, validating and cleaning it, and ensuring consistency across all points of interaction.

Returns processing

Our machines manage the entire cycle of your returns processing, by validating return requests, initiating refunds or exchanges, and updating your inventory after returns.

Price monitoring

Our automation software assists your business in price monitoring and optimization by tracking your competitors’ prices and adjusting your company’s pricing strategy.