By industry

Guest Data Management

Our machines consolidate and organize guest data from multiple sources, ensuring accurate profiles, preferences, and historical interactions for personalized service.

Customer Feedback

Automation software helps you collect and categorize your customer reviews and feedback from various sources, providing a consolidated view of customer sentiment.

Cancellations and refund processing

Ai-powered automation identifies cancellations, calculates refunds, processes transactions, and updates inventory availability, ensuring accurate and timely operations.

Competitor pricing analysis

RPA collects, analyzes, and compares your competitor room rates across various platforms, maintaining up-to-date pricing information for your strategic decisions.

Check-in and out automation

Our smart machines automate your guest identification operations, room assignment, key distribution, billing calculation, and checkout processing, enabling 24/7 service.

Booking and reservation management

Our RPA bots assist you with real-time data gathering and processing, managing reservations, confirming bookings, and updating room availability across various platforms.